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Waddles (formerly Fifteen-Poundy) is Mabel's pet pig, whom she won at the Mystery Fair in "The Time Traveler's Pig." Waddles' first appearance is with Mabel in the series opening credits, in which Mabel is hugging him.

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Wattles (born: December 23, 1996 [age 25] ), is a gaming YouTuber who uploads Minecraft videos. Not much is known about him personally, and his Instagram is just a meme account. He uploads several different types of daily Minecraft content. His most popular type are farm tutorials. He also uploads Minecraft let's plays, Minecraft guides, and..

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Vault Hunters of course have the_vault mod which is the main mod in the Vault Hunters modpack that Iskall85 and his dev team are developing. Taken from list of relation dependencies of the modpack from the Curseforge page ... Waddles adds cute Adélie penguins that waddle 111. Waystones (by BlayTheNinth) Teleport back to activated waystones.

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我的世界1.14.4-1.10.2冰原生物群落 Waddles Mod由作者“Girafi”所制作。 该mod新增了一个严寒条件下的生存环境,包括企鹅,冰原等生物和自然环境。 增加了大量严寒环境下的生物以及地形: 冰原(+亚生物群落) 冷海滩 冷冻海洋 冻河 修饰生物: 严寒条件下的生物群落.

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