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Kendo grid datasource jquery

Telerik Kendo UI Components. The components offered by Telerik Kendo UI are categorized by their type of usage. For instance, the Data Management widgets include Grid, ListView, and others. The Editors widgets include AutoComplete, ComboBox, DropDownList, DatePicker, and many other categories, not to mention Charting, Scheduling, Layout.

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Populate Kendo Grid using jQuery Populate Kendo Grid using jQuery Debasis Saha Updated date Dec 30, 2014 32.2 k 0 2 facebook twitter linkedIn Reddit expand Using the Telerik Kendo UI, we can populate a grid using jQeury. For this, we must first create an Employee Model class as below: public class EmployeeInfo { [DisplayName ("Employee Name")].

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This is a no-brainer with the Kendo UI grid since it has support for the mostly used aggregate functions. All you need to do is specify the pertinent aggregate function name via the columns->aggregates , groupFooterTemplate, groupHeaderColumnTemplate or footerTemplate attributes of the grid , and the group and aggregate fields of its data source..

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Please follow below steps to add kendo-UI grid in HTML5 page. Create empty html5 page. Include kendo.common.min.css and kendo.default.min.css. Add a link tag within the head tag. Kendo-UI library is depended on Jquery. So, include kendo.all.min.js and kendo.aspnetmvc.min.js after jQuery. There are two possible ways to instantiate a Kendo UI grid.

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Kendo data source supports CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations. It provides both client-side and server-side sorting, paging, filtering, aggregates, and grouping. In this blog, you will learn how to do ajax calls/ remote data binding with the kendo data source, which can be shared across different widgets. Kendo DataSource.

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