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Jan 02, 2014 · The board is more expensive than blanket insulation. Average cost for a 4'x8'x2'' sheet was $30/sheet. My typically sized basement took about 35 sheets. That adds up to a cool Gee! Obviously a good chunk of change. By comparison, drywall for that same basement was $400. Other: There are other forms of insulation like loose-fill which is usually ....

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Remove any existing pieces of insulation that might have been covering the attic walls until now. Remove the old insulation boards carefully, without causing any damage to the walls. Step 2—Install Insulation Boards. Foam insulation boards can be attached to concrete walls as well and in such a case care should be taken not to chip the cement.

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HOW TO USE: 1. Insert the anchor pins upside down into a piece of cardboard so the bases are securely facing up. 2. Cut the tip of the BOSS 180 Multi-Seal nozzle straight across at the end of the threads. Insert the cartridge into a caulk gun. 3. Point the nozzle straight down and apply a 5/8" diameter squirt to the center of each anchor pin.

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Feb 17, 2010 · Connect the Screws. Use masonry screws to place furring strips around the floor of the concrete wall in the basement. Twist the 3-inch side to the wall and leave a space between the screws of at least 6-inches. Connect furring strips at the top of the wall with the same spacing as the screws..

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Cover the entire wall with the moisture barrier from top to bottom. Allow the sealant to dry fully before proceeding to install the rigid foam. 3. Measure The Wall. Using the tape measure, take the dimensions of the exterior foundation walls and compare them against the dimensions of the rigid insulation.

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