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This works extremely well whether you have a 2, 4 or 12 year-old talking back. If a child shouts at you or looks increasingly upset, take a very deliberate step back. If possible, you can squat down to below eye-level and say, “Looks like I’m too close.

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10) Make listening fun: Use games and playful language to teach your child to listen. Play games such as “Simon Says” with the whole family and then use this game at other times when your child is less likely to listen (e.g., If its time to get dressed say, “Simon says put your hands up” and then slip his/her shirt on).

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Though intelligent, he is still only four years old. Your expectations may be too high. Remember to view him in a realistic way as compared to other children his age. An additional difficulty your son may experience is the inconsistency in parenting between you and his father.

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Supporting reading in Year 4 (Age 8-9) In Year 4 (in England) or Primary 5 (in Scotland), your child will be developing into an increasingly fluent reader. The focus will now be on building comprehension, but it is still important that children use their phonics skills to tackle new words.

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Tantrums bite. My son used to throw em, 3 hours at a time. Threw his head through a picture window once over a piece of gum when he was 4. I have stories - nightmares. I guess he was about 7 when I started making rules. Took him about 2 years to really get the grip of it (he's Autistic, very slow to learn lol), but he got it.

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